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Welcome to Health Promotion Marketing

You support the health of so many, this is where you find support for the health of your business. From a compelling brand identity to an engaging message to broadcast channels both on and off the web.

Who Are We

We are two highly talented marketing professionals with deep long-time experience in the health services field and a vast network of trusted resources.

Our Mission

To promote improved health in the general population by supporting the success of quality health providers and the growth of their businesses.

What We Do

Our 6-D Process



We begin by listening. You know your business, your value, your purpose and your goals like no other. We learn about you before suggesting any course of action.



We help define your unique core value and how to communicate it in a compelling way. From the universe of potential marketing options we prioritize those actions that will create the most rapid momentum toward your goals.



Now it’s time to design a detailed marketing strategy that will outline a clear path toward your goals with specific measurable steps and a projected time line. 



At this point we’re ready to develop specific marketing projects whether it be a website, SEO optimization, content creation, email and social media marketing, reputation management or a powerful integrated combination of these.



It’s time to deploy your marketing whether this involves launching your website, broadcasting to your growing email list, posting on social media and engaging with an audience…your project is ready to launch!



Delivery on a marketing plan involves careful tracking and tune-up along the way to ensure the achievement of your intended results. The mantra is “continuous improvement“.

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Who We Are

David Smith

I have devoted my life to 3 things: Health, Communication and Marketing. These are beyond the level of interests…they are my calling.

Focus on Health

Health begins with my own health. I’m a life-long distance runner and wilderness explorer with a daily practice that has continued uninterrupted from my youth. The benefits of my own health in terms of energy, mental, emotional and spiritual health have caused me to see the value of promoting this level of health in the greater population. As I said, this is my calling and I want to invite and support health professionals to join in this calling at a time when improved health promises to solve so many personal, social and economical crises in our world. Visit my banner wilderness website https://LasVegasAreaTrails.com

Focus on Communication

Health professionals must exercise the ability to communicate with clarity, impact and inspiration. My formative years were spent as a pastor communicating on a regular basis to a live audience. During this time I learned the difference between delivering information and creating a conversion of attitude that moved listeners to action. Is this not the primary purpose of a health professional? I have schooled myself in turning communication into a call to action. As a health professional success demands the ability to capture attention, engage your audience and inspire them to action…which includes connecting with you and your health services.

Focus on Marketing

Finally, marketing, online and offline is our means of effectively broadcasting effectively to our audience. For this reason I have mastered the technology and art of communication via face-to-face networking (I currently lead 2 networking organizations: The Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce and NetworkLasVegas.com); and online marketing including web design, copywriting, social media marketing, email marketing, reputation management and other online marketing strategies.

My Journey

By way of specific achievements, after college graduation and graduate earning of a master’s degree at Fuller Theological Seminary I served as a pastor for 11 years, then went on to work in the life and health insurance industry home office of The Standard Insurance. Following this I led the project that launched the State of Oregon’s first online employment website. Then I launched my own marketing company, creating websites and integrating overall marketing for clients mainly in the health services and construction professions. I have been a director in BNI, the world’s largest networking organization in Oregon and Connecticut, growing the largest local chapter in Connecticut.

Join Me in This Critical Calling

I’m looking to assist health professionals who have a calling to lift and transform the health condition of their communities in this time of national health crisis. I am committed to create powerful, inspirational communication for you and help you to strengthen your communication and marketing skills and strategy so that you may fulfill the calling that inspired you to enter the health profession.

David Smith | Health Promotion Marketing

Jonathan Marx

David and I have similar interests and complementary skills, which bring us together so beautifully. I come from a communications family in which both my parents were editors. My siblings and I learned how to write at early ages and got “helpfully” edited by our parents throughout their lives.

Communications Career

Of course, I always liked getting the word out. The first half of my career was as a Senior Executive in major communications companies.
  • Senior Vice President for Viacom Cable when we built out California and Oregon and grew from thirty-six to one hundred and eight program channels.
  • Vice President of Strategy for the Pacific Bell Yellow Pages during the launch of internet and cable television advertising.
  • Vice President of Operations for TiVo as it came to market.
  • Finally, I was President of ISP Channel, one of the first four companies bringing high-speed internet to the United States.

Health Communications Entrepreneur

For the second half of my career, in 2001 I left the corporate world and founded my own company in health communications and medical education.

I have two decades of successful experience in developing communications for both the public and health professionals – seeing the same issues from both sides.  I love my work, and I help close gaps in communications especially between health professionals and their intended audiences.   Projects I have worked on include:

Centers for Disease Control
Training the US Centers for Disease Control staff in medical communications with monthly webinars, since 2013 https://www.cdc.gov/

ADHD in Adults
Collaborating with ADHD experts in building and disseminating https://adhdinadults.com, a website and social media campaign aimed at providing Continuing Medical Education for primary care professionals and helpful education for ADHD adults and their families. The program has attained 300,000 web visits, 500,000 YouTube views, and provided 30,000 hours of training to primary care practitioners. Funders have included government and pharma.

New Brain Nutrition
Works with 18 European University hospitals under a five-year EC grant to conduct clinical research and disseminate learnings from 4 clinical trials, each studying a different aspect of the connections between nutrition, lifestyle, and mental health. https://newbrainnutrition.com

CME Training
Has been the Webinar Director for eMedEvents, a leading online CME company, spearheading their entrance into online webinars and events during Covid, working with such companies as Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Phillips, and the 2020 Symposium on Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Care. https://www.emedevents.com/

Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce
Is currently President of the Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce, supporting health professionals through the Covid crisis in his current hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. https://vegashealthfitnesschamber.com/

GoToHealth Media
GoToHealth is a weekly radio show where I interview health experts from around the world who share important information with the public and so they can have improved health outcomes. https://gotohealthmedia.com

Marketing and Dissemination Expert

From my experiences I maintain relationships with hundreds of health experts I have worked with over the years.

I am an accomplished online marketer, familiar with website and social media builds, content creation, and search engine optimization. I will be using this experience to optimize dissemination of information from the Radio Show to the internet.

I regularly teach skills in medical communications and marketing to professional audiences online. I hold a BA (psychology) and MBA degrees from Stanford University, have four adult children and live currently in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Jonathan Marx | Health Promotion Marketing

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